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School open as usual

Senior Leadership Team

Mr Jones – Headteacher
Mr Wells – Acting Deputy Headteacher
Mrs Cowling – EYFS/Key Stage 1 Leader (currently on maternity leave)
Mr Shore- Acting Assistant Headteacher (with responsibility for Key Stage 2)
Mrs Bowers- SENCO (part time – Thursday and Friday)



Rabbit Class: Mrs Peck

Key Stage 1 (Years 1/2)

Kingfisher Class: Mrs King & Mrs Cornwell
Squirrel Class: Mrs Moorcroft & Mrs Blackmore
Dragonfly Class: Mrs Player

Key Stage 2

Year 3/4

Frog Class: Mrs West
Owl Class: Miss Holloway
Badger Class: Mrs Rayson

Year 5/6

Kestrel Class: Mr Rampley
Falcon Class: Mr Wells
Eagle Class: Mr Shore

Finance / Administrative Staff

Mrs Fayers – Admin Assistant
Mrs Lebentz- Admin Assistant
Mrs Orr – Admin Assistant
Mrs Wesley – Bursar

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Baker
Miss Blofield
Mrs Chipchase
Mrs Cobbold
Mrs Hammond-Bray
Mrs Hart
Ms Jamieson
Mrs Mills
Mrs Owen
Mrs Redfern
Miss Smith
Ms Smith-Andrews
Mrs Whiting

Specialist Speech & Language Communication Centre Staff

M Temple – Specialist Speech and Language Communication Centre teacher (covering Mrs Millard’s maternity leave)
Mrs Howlett – Speech Therapist
Mrs Golding – Speech Therapy Assistant
Miss McDonald- Teaching Assistant
Miss Rush – Teaching Assistant

Midday Supervisors

Mrs Barrass
Mrs Castle
Miss Hunt
Mrs Rotherham
Mr Seeley
Mrs Tarpley
Mrs Whyte

Caretaker & Cleaning

Mr Moriarty (Caretaker)
Mrs Driscoll
Miss Mooney
Mrs Whiting

Kitchen Staff (Vertas)

Mrs Fenn (Head of Kitchen)
Mrs Ainsworth
Mrs Lowerison
Mrs Alldis

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