Children are naturally curious and at Hardwick Primary school we nurture this, so it grows into a lifelong curiosity and interest in the sciences. Primary science helps to:

  • investigate problems 
  • learn how science works
  • discover why science matters in the world. 

When planning for the science curriculum, we intend for children to have the opportunity, wherever possible, to learn through varied systematic investigations, leading to them being equipped for life to ask and answer scientific questions about the world around them.

As children progress through the year groups, they build on their skills in working scientifically, as well as on their scientific knowledge, as they develop greater independence in planning and carrying out fair and comparative tests to answer a range of scientific questions. The progression of skills for working scientifically, scientific knowledge and enquiry skills are developed with increasing depth and challenge as children move through the year groups. Scientific enquiry skills are of key importance within lessons and children complete investigations and hands-on activities while gaining the scientific knowledge for each unit.

Our science curriculum provides an exciting, stimulating curriculum, enabling personal enjoyment and success. It therefore recognises that all children have their own curiosities about the world around them and that this world is rapidly changing. We want children to enjoy science and understand that science is not standalone and abstract – it applies through all walks of life. By encouraging them to ask questions, evaluate information, facts and data, and make critical interpretations and enquiries, we will build strong scientific understanding.

Statement of Intent and details of our Science curriculum: