At Hardwick we have complimented our History Curriculum by using the Primary Knowledge Curriculum which is knowledge-rich, valued and specified, and taught to be remembered.  We ensure that all learning is relevant and include meaningful opportunities for cross-curricular links and ensure progression of skills and knowledge.  Knowledge, in the realm of history, means not only substantive knowledge of historical events, dates and people in the past, but also knowledge of the substantive concepts in history (such as ’empire’, ‘monarchy ‘ and ‘civil war’) and disciplinary historical concepts (such as evidence, causation, significance and interpretation).

Our history curriculum allows children to develop a chronologically secure knowledge of local, British and World history.  The substantive knowledge taught in the curriculum has been carefully chosen and sequenced using a largely chronological approach.  Each unit of work should not be viewed as a stand-alone topic, but as a chapter in the story of the history of Britain and the wider World. 


Statement of Intent and details of our History curriculum: