Severe Weather and Emergency Closure Arrangements

If severe weather or another emergency prevents the school from opening, a notification will be posted on ‘Latest News…’ ticker tape, on the school website and also on the school closures section of the Suffolk County Education website:

Local radio (BBC Radio Suffolk and HEART) will broadcast information from 7:30 am onwards and notices will be placed at the school gates.

You will also receive notification and updates via ClassDojo and by text message.

A decision to close the school may be made the night before the day of closure to allow you time to make alternative arrangements in advance, otherwise it will be made that morning.

We will do everything in our power to remain open and school closure is always a last result.

If the school does remains open and there is fresh soft snow, we like to give the children opportunities to play in it and special safe activities are organised. Your child can take part if they have WELLINGTON BOOTS, WARM COAT and GLOVES in school, along with indoor footwear to change into.


If in the event we are required to close the school due to COVID-19, we will inform you via email, text message and ClassDojo.