We are Designers!

At Hardwick, we intend Design and Technology to be creative, practical and provide children with the opportunity to problem-solve and develop their own creative ideas as individuals, and as part of a team. We aim to provide children with the opportunity to use their imagination to design and make products within a variety of contexts, to ensure they are motivated and their learning has meaning to it.  Our DT curriculum has been built using the Primary Knowledge Curriculum (PKC) to enhance our planning; it is a knowledge-rich curriculum, which is valued, specified and taught to be remembered.  

Within DT the children will be given a range of experiences including; mechanisms, textiles, food technology, structures and more.  Through hands-on, practical experiences we aim for all of our children to leave Year 6 with some knowledge and skills of DT which will inspire our children to become future; chefs, engineers, sculptures, carpenters, designers, architects, etc.  We recognise the important role of DT in preparing our children with skills for life which will enable them to be creative individuals as they continue their education in secondary school and life beyond education!

Statement of Intent and details of our Design & Technology curriculum: